ANWB / Fox, Park 20|20 Beukenhorst Zuid, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands


Fox Vakanties, a Dutch internet travel booking organization specializing in distant, exotic destinations, occupies a prominent site at the entrance to the William McDonough + Partners-designed Park 20|20 development in the Netherlands. With a high ambition for design sustainability, the office headquarters embodies and colorfully celebrates both global and local diversity and cultures. The exuberant design is anchored by the company’s “Travel Theater” with its undulating and sculptural folded fabric skin that becomes a glowing beacon at night. The first project at Park 20|20 to achieve BREEAM “Excellent” designation, the Fox Vakanties building dynamically responds to its site with an upper building mass that houses offices and angles to self-shade on the south side while opening towards the park to the north with a colorful glass façade. The upper offices visually “float” above a vegetated base of common areas that provides habitat for local bird species. A conference center opens towards an elevated garden space while an interior atrium skylight that provides ample interior daylighting. Slimbouwen technology, which employs a panelized floor system with separate prefabricated services, demonstrates an integrated system that helps to reduce volume, waste, and construction time while allowing flexibility and demountability. Interiors are designed to both connect occupants to each other and to the world through equitably and sustainably sourced materials that are healthy for human and ecological health.

“The whole feeling and atmosphere generated by our new building is a perfect match for our company’s business activities. The colours and fragrances of the world are to be found in the architecture and interior design. By close cooperation with Delta Development Group, William McDonough + Partners, and Jos Bogaarts, the building has fulfilled all our requirements. The sustainable implementation and the ambition of a BREEAM Excellent score is a perfect link to FOX Vakanties’s goal to ensure that just like our holidays, the manner in which we do business is also sustainable. We are particularly proud of our richly coloured theater. This unique space with a seating capacity of 200 and the largest projection screen in Europe, primarily fulfills FOX’s goals to inspire clients and inform them about our holiday destinations. Alongside this it also has a function for the whole park as it is used regularly by various local companies for their meetings, presentations etc. It ensures that a lively atmosphere prevails in the area at all times.”

– Marcel Gritter, Financial Director FOX Vakanties


Office / café / theater


3678 m2


Completed 2012


William McDonough + Partners, Design Architect
KOW, Architect of Record
Jos Bogaarts, Interior Architect


BREEAM Excellent