Grünewald Mixed Use Kirchberg, Luxembourg


Through a positively defined co-creation process, William McDonough + Partners collaborated with the Kirchberg Fund (Fonds Kirchberg) to develop a tender process framework that created a set of Visions and Principles which will unite the Grünewald, Kiem District and the Kennedy Süd-Zone in Luxembourg City. Our thought leadership role in design for the Circular Economy and Cradle to Cradle Design™ thinking has led to the creation of the governing principles and development framework for the Kirchberg Plateau.

WM+P is also the Master Plan and Design Architect for the Grünewald District site, a Cradle to Cradle-inspired, Mixed-Use District which will include a hotel (short-term stay), apartment/hotel (long-term stay), housing, offices and urban public spaces. Designed for resiliency and flexibility, the master plan increases connectivity to the existing city, landscape and surrounding neighborhoods, creating a central space for various communities and uses while also highlighting agricultural production as an experience and attractor.

Aiming to become an embodiment and extension of Kirchberg’s values, the master plan promotes concrete steps toward 100% renewable energy, enhanced biodiversity, positive water balance, material health, human and environmental well-being, and design for disassembly and recyclability. The Grünewald District will be an inspiration for the future of cities and agro-business as well as a model for circular design and thinking.


Hotel, residential units, offices and retail


17,280 m2


Conceptual Design


William McDonough + Partners, Design Architect, Cradle to Cradle Design™ and Circular Economy Advisor

BalliniPitt, Architect of Record

Temperaturas Extremas Arquitectos, Associate Architect

SGI, Structural Engineer

Betic, MEP Engineer

Areal, Landscape Architect