Together Hoofddorp, The Netherlands


This concept tower aspires to create a vision of a vertical campus composed of interconnected neighborhoods which promote community while supporting abundant daylight and connectivity to nature. The building is composed of a 4-story base and 15-story tower where once inside, diverse meeting spaces in formal and informal settings provide a wealth of opportunities to engage people and open possibilities.

The exterior facade offers tactile warmth, earth tone colors and a humane scale on the base volumes. While the upper tower reflects the changing sky and light, a fully transparent entry lobby welcomes visitors, colleagues and nature into the building. The Tower will prominently anchor a large, sunny and inviting outdoor central plaza, leading people and visitors directly to the main entry into the building and lobby.

Chance encounters and interactions are increased through a series of sky gardens distributed throughout the building while open, multi-story voids connect floor levels with interconnecting stairs. Each sky garden becomes a unique expression of each vertical “neighborhood” – filled with vegetation, casual seating and kitchenettes and surrounded by diverse areas dedicated to collaboration and communication. The gardens offer opportunity to contemplate, play and share free time with others, in addition to containing a variety of butterfly flowers and herbs increasing biodiversity while at the same time soothing the senses.


Mixed-use, hotel, office and commerical offices


24,000 m2


Design Development in progress


William McDonough + Partners, Design Architect