Technical Nutrient Pavilion, Park 20|20 Park 20|20, Beukenhorst Zuid, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands


With half of its interior space dedicated to educational exhibits, William McDonough + Partners designed the Technical Nutrient Pavilion to directly engage the public through the 20|20 Experience Center that stimulates ideas and strengthens networks while showcasing the latest in Cradle to Cradle® and sustainable innovation.

Also housing the Park 20|20 Development Office, the Pavilion incorporates Cradle to Cradle Certified materials and onsite energy generation through roof mounted photovoltaic panels. Adjustable folding perforated aluminum panels provide dynamic daylighting and shading throughout the day, performing like a solar timepiece that ‘awakens’ in the morning and sleeps at night.

“We are extremely happy to be a part of Park 20|20. Our new office completely reflects what Delta stands for. The new way of working in a sustainable environment at the heart of an area in full development where companies settle, who like us have a passion for sustainable business with a healthy future in mind. Expensive? Of course not! If I consider the space that we would normally use, we have actually reduced this by 50%. By making a correct analysis to determine who needs what amount of space and when, we have been able to make this saving. What is more, experience shows that it works. What we now have is the accessibility of flexible partitioned areas, nobody has their own workspace and as such, communication with each other works far better. This showcase is unique and I am very proud to be a part of it.”

– Coert Zachariasse, CEO Delta Development Group


C2C Experience Centre and Park 20|20 Development Office


413 square meters


Completed May 2012


William McDonough + Partners, Design Architect; KOW, Architect of Record; DDock, Interior Architect


BREEAM Excellent