architecture and design services
for the Circular Economy

Inspired by the Cradle to Cradle Design™ Framework, our multi-disciplinary teams innovate for the circular economy at all scales, from the molecule to the region.

Our services are customized to the specific needs of our clients—from building and community designs to project frameworks—all embodying the Cradle to Cradle Design philosophy. 


We engage in diverse designs across a wide range of scales, types and locations. However, all our work shares a common purpose: to create places where people and nature can thrive together.

We know that good architecture comes from an open, collaborative, and enjoyable engagement with our clients and project teams. Within the realities of project schedules and costs, we deliver solutions that meet our clients’ fundamental needs while giving form to their highest aspirations and dreams.

Community Design

Through community design we are able to enhance the environmental potential of buildings long before they are designed. Our designs for cities, businesses and universities promote efficient and effective approaches to energy, water and transportation, and they seek to eliminate the concept of waste at all scales. These strategies not only support resident well-being and regenerate local and regional ecological health; they also provide the next generation of leadership to address the global challenges of climate change, carbon emission reduction and resource recovery.


Combining our unique capacity for systems thinking with the latest research, we work with and guide (other) designers and architects, planners, developers, contractors, owners, institutions, companies and municipalities to develop sustainable, specific, holistic and practical solutions to challenges faced at all stages of project development, from pre-design to post-occupancy. We help focus resources on the things that matter most and ensure that every action is socially, ecologically and economically beneficial.  

Our advising services are tailored to individual clients and have included:

Circular Economy Strategy

Building upon Cradle to Cradle Design concepts, we provide guidance on Circular Economy principles that enhance and optimize resource use.

Materials Selection, Assessments + Integration

We analyze the human and environmental impacts of material at the earliest stages of design, assist designers in selecting products and advise on procurement methods. Download Brochure

Performance Analysis + Peer Review

We provide a range of performance studies with the display and use of data as a tool to support project goals in order to evaluate design and systems decisions.

Design Framework + Project Benchmarking

We help designers evaluate their work against project goals, sustainability benchmarks and green standards such as LEED® and BREEAM.


We provide guidelines that put Cradle to Cradle Design principles into action, over time and across typologies, within the framework of client values.

Pre-design Research + Feasibility Studies

We help identify appropriate technologies and approaches, enabling teams to progress quickly with high-performance designs.

Existing Facility Auditing

We identify opportunities for energy, water and materials optimization, increased occupant health and well-being, and ecosystem regeneration.

Education + Workshops

We educate clients on Cradle to Cradle Design concepts, helping them to define sustainability as it relates to their own corporate, institutional or individual values.

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