Biological Nutrient Pavilion (Parkcafé Groen), Park 20|20 Park 20|20, Beukenhorst Zuid, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands


Sited on opposite ends of Park 20|20, William McDonough + Partners designed two pavilions that are connected by greenhouses to be part demonstration area and part community space. Organic produce grown within these greenhouses supply food for Parkcafe Groen, unique restaurant housed within the Biological Nutrient Pavilion, which provides a flexible space for dining, creative meeting and social gatherings.

Constructed primarily of Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM acetylated wood, the interior of the Biological Nutrient Pavilion is animated by a dynamic ceiling that filters daylight from integrated solar light tubes. Moveable wood screens and glass walls allow the interior space to expand towards outdoor seating areas adjacent to the park’s canal while intensive green roofs integrate black water purification systems.

“We are delighted with the developments at our new restaurant at Park 20|20, Parkcafé Groen. The philosophy of the location is an ideal fit with our kitchen and cooking. We work only with biological produce which, where possible, comes from our local environment. We have diners from across the whole of Beukenhorst and we also cater for meetings and events for various companies in the area. What is really special is our on-site greenhouse which we use with Hoeve de Vogel. The seasonal vegetables and herbs that we use in our dishes come from this greenhouse. It’s our aim in the coming years to make Beukenhorst come alive in the most hospitable fashion.”

– Pepijn Rijks, Owner, Parkcafe GROEN


Restaurant, Creative Meeting Space


298 square meters


Completed May 2012


William McDonough + Partners, Design Architect; KOW, Architect of Record; DDock, Interior Architect