William McDonough’s Buildings To Include Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Mass Timber from Nordic Structures

In collaboration with MBDC, co-founded by William McDonough, Nordic Structures recently announced that they achieved Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver for their Nordic X-Lam and Bronze for their Nordic Lam and Lam+. William McDonough + Partners (WM+P) facilitated the relationship as part of a commitment to safe, healthy and circular building materials. 

Nordic Structures is an innovative company in engineered wood products and solid wood construction. Its local resource comes from responsibly managed lands within the boreal forest. Its vertical integration, from the forest to the structure, reinforced by its experienced design team, ensures optimum quality and an unmatched level of service.

WM+P’s design for HITT Contracting’s Co|Lab, the first Mass Timber building in Virginia, utilizes both Nordic Lam and X-Lam panels. Using Mass Timber in Co|Lab, located in Northern Virginia, helps the building serve as an innovative think tank for education and technology related to the design and construction of commercial wood buildings. 

Nordic’s products were also quickly identified for use in Apex Plaza, which will be the tallest Mass Timber building on the Eastern SeaBoard at the time of construction. Building with Cradle to Cradle Certified timber brings natural beauty to occupants while allowing for transparency in material sourcing, material health, material reutilization and carbon management.

The use of mass timber as a building material is “coming very fast,” according to McDonough in a recent interview with Dezeen.

“Nordic’s recent certifications are a step forward for the built environment in embracing materials that are safe and healthy first, then optimized for the Circular Economy,” said McDonough. “It is wonderful to see the manufacturers of a product so critical to circular building commit to Cradle to Cradle, and it’s why William McDonough + Partners has chosen Nordic for several of our designs.” 

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