William McDonough + Partners Chosen by HITT to Design Innovative Co|Lab Building

William McDonough + Partners (WM+P) is proud to announce its partnership with nationally ranked general contractor HITT Contracting in the design of a collaborative and inventive space appropriately named the Co|Lab. The space will be dedicated to researching and sharing ideas to spur innovation within the construction industry.

The state-of-the-art building is expected to open in early summer 2019 and will meet several rigorous environmental standards. Some of the anticipated sustainable features include a full mass timber structure, roof-mounted PV array, ultra-efficient MEP design and a heavy emphasis on the selection of healthy materials.

“It’s wonderful to see HITT’s commitment to sustainability with plans for a mass timber building,” said Alastair Reilly, Partner at William McDonough + Partners. “We are honored to be chosen for this project and look forward to collaborating with this leading contractor to render visible their commitment to innovation within the construction industry.”

Co|Lab will function as the operation’s core for reviewing, researching and testing emerging technologies, products and processes with the goal of transforming the construction industry. This progress will also depend on collaboration throughout the industry and with community partners to ensure the sharing of experiences to improve building practices. HITT aims to encourage others in the industry to follow the construction progress and become engaged with the purpose of a shared goal of innovation.

To learn more about the Co|Lab, look out for its upcoming website this fall.