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2015 Fuller Challenge Winner: GreenWave

GreenWave was announced as the winner of the 2015 Buckminster Fuller Institute (BFI) Challenge. Launched in 2007, the Fuller Challenge has defined an emerging field of practice and approach to understanding and intervening in complex and interrelated crises for wide-scale social and environmental impact. William McDonough is a member of the advisory team and juror to the prestigious program. This year’s winner is a non-profit organization which designed the world’s first multi-species 3-D ocean farms. GreenWave aims to restore ocean ecosystems and create jobs in coastal communities by transforming fishers into restorative ocean farms.

GreenWave is proud to take Fuller’s vision of ecological design into our oceans. We hope that our model of 3D ocean farming will be a catalyst for the restoration of ocean ecosystems, mitigating of climate change and helping feed the planet. The Fuller Challenge prize enables us to continue working to lay the foundation of a new blue-green economy,” GreenWave Executive Director Bren Smith described.

This successful event has been made possible by a partnership with the Cooper Union Institute for Sustainable Design. GreenWire will be accepting the Fuller Challenge OmniOculi award and the a $100,000 prize to go along with it.

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