Positively Defined Co-Creation

The Kirchberg Fund engaged William McDonough + Partners to bring together stakeholders to develop a new design approach based on Cradle to Cradle Design.

Kirchberg Co-Creation Process,
Kirchberg, Luxembourg

Faced with growing urban challenges on the Kirchberg Plateau in Luxembourg, the Kirchberg Fund (Fonds Kirchberg) engaged William McDonough + Partners to develop a new design approach – a Positively Defined Co-Creation Process where innovation is defined as an open process bringing together all stakeholders. Taking inspiration from the principles of the circular economy and the Cradle to Cradle philosophy, this global strategy includes housing, management of urban public space, transportation and the diversity of local companies.

Starting with the principle that there is no single model which can provide a solution to all economic, social and environmental problems, collaborative work between multidisciplinary teams is developed alongside urban citizens and local communities. As a first stage, the Kirchberg Fund invited 18 teams to take part in a colloquium, enabling these teams to test this new approach on three pilot sites within the Kirchberg Plateau that the Fund is developing – the Grunewald mixed-use project, Kiem project and JFK South project.


Fonds Kirchberg


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