November 17: William McDonough to Discuss Carbon Positive Cities

William McDonough will be discussing his concept of “Carbon Positive Cities” on November 17, 2015 in support of Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance and The Urban Sustainability Directors Network. These Carbon Positive Cities are based on the idea of cities as living metabolisms that embrace “working carbon” and optimize the return of carbon to the soil as a valuable economic, ecological and social asset. The Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance is a new collaboration of international cities committed in achieving aggressive long-term carbon reduction goals.

Seventeen cities already came together sharing and collaborating the execution of deep carbon reductions during their first year of implementation. These implementation goals include, Developing Carbon Neutrality Planning Standards, Advancing “Transformative Change” in Key Urban Sectors, Advocating for Policy Change, Speaking with a Common Voice, Creating a CNCA “Innovation Fund,” and Increasing Alliance Impact.

Carbon Positive Cities support healthy people, places and economies as a whole. Clean energy is what powers the cities after the biological and technical nutrients are built to support this happening.

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