Canadian Property Management features Roger Schickedantz

Farming Moves to the Roof, written by Roger Schickedantz, originally appeared in the September 2015 issue of Canadian Property Management: GTA & Beyond. Learn more on

Brad Temkin’s Rooftop Released

Rooftop highlights the important new movement about Green roofs and how they reduce our carbon footprint within cities. Temkin shot images from Chicago to Zurich that show how these gardens are secured within the steel, stone and glass rectangularity of urban downtown.

City of Houston Feasibility Study: Rooftop Food Production

Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC), a research hub providing independent analysis on energy, air, and water issues, recently published a study conducted by William McDonough + Partners.

November 12, 2015: McDonough Talks Cradle to Cradle Live on Bloomberg TV

William McDonough on Bloomberg TV LIVE at 12:50pm Eastern Time on “Bloomberg Markets” (Bloomberg TV).

2015 Fuller Challenge Winner: GreenWave

This year’s winner is a non-profit organization, GreenWave which designed the world’s first multi-species 3-D ocean farms. GreenWave aims to restore ocean ecosystems and create jobs in coastal communities by transforming fishers into restorative ocean farms.

Kira Gould Winner of Sustainability Leadership Awards

Director of Communications at William McDonough + Partners, Kira Gould, was selected as one of the winners of the Green Building & Design‘s (gb&d) “Women in Sustainability Leadership Awards” (WSLA). Nominated by peers, Gould was recognized for her accomplishments and dedication to sustainability.

The McDonough Conversations: Endless is More

The latest installment of the Less can be more, but endless is most. McDonough: “We can look at the history of design to inform us about where we’ve been and where we want to go.”

November 17: William McDonough to Discuss Carbon Positive Cities

William McDonough will discuss his concept of “Carbon Positive Cities.” Carbon Positive Cities are based on the idea of cities as living metabolisms that embrace “working carbon” and optimize the return of carbon to the soil as a valuable economic, ecological and social asset.