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October 5-7: MBDC at SXSWEco

The annual SXSW Eco conference held in Austin, Texas, will take place October 5-7 at the Austin Convention Center.  SXSW Eco supports the communities creating a positive impact.  At the conference participants will attend panel discussions and participate in collaborative events, including exciting competitions that will introduce attendees to innovative products, technologies and ideSXSW Eco Conference Logoas.

Jay Bolus, President of Consulting Services at MBDC, is presenting on a panel: “Mainstreaming Green Chemistry” with: Alex Vietti, Blue Practice – Sustainability PR Advocate; Jon Smieja, Steelcase – Environmental Chemist; and Veena Singla, Natural Resources Defense Council – Staff Scientist.

The Mainstreaming Green Chemistry panel will be a rapid fire session, discussing needs of the chemical industry, how they can be met, and what role independent third parties can play in helping these initiatives.  This panel will cover questions such as: “What chemical innovations would best serve the broadest market for sustainable products and packaging?” and “How can product manufacturers form trusted relationships with chemical companies that yield net positive solutions?”

For live updates from the event follow #SXSWEco.