Greenbuild Expo 2015

Construction Dive Highlights Interviews From Greenbuild 2015

Construction Dive was on-site at Greenbuild 2015 last month to talk with green construction experts about the growing trend of sustainable building.

Construction Dive provided a collection of insights from the events and interviews including insight from Alex Carrick, chief economist for CMD research group, Kira Gould, director of communications, William McDonough + Partners, and Stacy Smedley, director of sustainability at Skanska USA Building.

Author Emily Peiffer highlighted the following quote from William McDonough + Partners’ director of communications, Kira Gould:

“We have to find ways to quantify the benefits of diversity.”

“She noted that when green was more on the fringes of the industry, women had room to grab leadership roles. Now that the movement has moved more toward mainstream practice, men have started to take away that progress and are occupying more leadership rules, she said. To counteract this trend, Gould suggested finding a way to quantify the results of a project and then relate those metrics to the diversity of the team that designed the project.”

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