Project Legacy

The academic building will be occupied by students studying Cradle to Cradle Circular Economy principles.

Universidad EAN,
Bogotá, Colombia

Aptly referred to as “Project Legacy,” the new 20,000 square meter building for Universidad EAN (EAN) will illustrate the possibilities of design for the circular economy, with a focus on the Latin American construction sector, and starting with Colombia.

The most prominent feature of the building is the McDonough-designed WonderFrame™ shade structure. The EAN WonderFrame screen is clad with multi-colored perforated panels, metaphorically invoking tree leaves. These triangular panels provide shade while simultaneously admitting daylight, demonstrating both material and energy efficiency. Covering roughly 85% of the façade, the WonderFrame will stand as the largest installation of this modular building system to date.

Natural ventilation for the new building will be aided through solar chimneys, which draw air through the building and exhaust it at the roof. Operable windows will be featured on all façades. The building will be one of the first to implement a new verification protocol for engineered natural ventilation systems in Equatorial Climates, developed by Bogotá-based environmental engineering consultants (and design team members) for the Colombia Green Building Council to standardize the use of natural ventilation as a LEED energy effectiveness strategy.

The University wished to retain and reinvigorate the existing courtyard; connecting the pre-existing Edificio Verde and the new WM+P building at multiple levels. The resulting plaza incorporates outdoor dining space off of a new cafeteria.


Universidad EAN


laboratories, classrooms, administrative offices, seminar rooms, a cafeteria, indoor basketball court, exercise gymnasium, and an auditorium seating 500 people


20,000 square meters


In Construction


William McDonough + Partners, Design Architect
AIA, Executive Architect
PAYC, Construction Manager
Acustec, Acoustic Design
ADRAR, Plumbing
AGR, Codes
Aqualab, Laboratory
EIG, C2C products
Gaia, Landscape
GBCG, HVAC/Electrical
MTS, Lighting
PyP Proyectos, Structural
SES, Energy Model
SETRI, LEED Consulting