Method Factory Chicago

McDonough-designed Method factory has world’s largest roof greenhouse

Method’s new home is the world’s first and only LEED Platinum-certified manufacturing plant to produce consumer products. Method calls the facility the “South Side Soapbox.” It was built on the historic Pullman site in Chicago.

Jim Butschli, Features Editor of, highlights the unique design and features of Method’s first U.S. manufacturing facility, including it’s environmental and community benefits. This LEED Platinum certified manufacturing and distribution facility is the first and only design of its kind in the world. William McDonough + Partners, working with Heitman Architects, designed this facility to work with the environment around it which is why they utilized what was left of the existing building before building new.

Method Factory Chicago
Method’s first U.S. manufacturing facility in Chicago (source).

Shannon McCann, Production Manager for Method described why they choose the historic Pullman location of Chicago as opposed to many others: “… those from the Pullman community were the most welcoming and appreciative of the social, economic, and environmental benefits we could provide.”  The site has reduced the need for around 600 trucks of bottle freight, which translates to elimination of 200 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Between the bottle molding, filling, labeling and capping, Method makes sure that what they’re selling is environmentally sound, as well as having a look that people would want to set on their counters rather than sticking it under the sink with other cleaning supplies.

The facility is bright and airy with plenty of natural sunlight shining in making it an joyful work environment. They also have many colorful banners with different slogans on them to keep with their sustainability goals. Their main slogan, “made by and for people against dirty,” and that’s just what they do.

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