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Cradle to Cradle and Upcycling in the marketplace

David Dodge is the producer and host of Green Energy Futures, a multi-media storytelling project, and contributor to the Huffington Post. In his latest piece, “Upcycling Reimagines How We Think About Waste,” Dodge talks Cradle to Cradle, and how the design theory has benefited a production plant of eco-friendly roofing materials.

“Aluminum and paper are the two great recycling success stories of our time.” Dodge explains.  “But recycling almost anything else is almost assuredly downcycling: the product you get is typically a step down in quality and functionality from what it was before. Cradle to Cradle flips that idea on its head.”

The idea of Cradle to Cradle design was taken to the GR Green Building products prototype plant in British Columbia. The plant produces synthetic slate roof tiles, which are made out of 80% pulverized limestone, 20% recycled plastic, and allows for use of some recycled plastic containing minor contaminants.  At the GR Green plant, the offcuts and trim of left over material from their manufacturing process goes right back into the mix with all of the other materials.

GR Green plans to raise additional funds and scale up its plant and eventually receiving its official Cradle to Cradle certification.

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