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Beauty Packaging magazine features William McDonough

Leading up to William McDonough’s keynote speech at Luxe Pack New York on May 13, 2015, editor-in-chief Jamie Matusow of Beauty Packaging, interviewed McDonough to gather his thoughts on eco-designed packaging and sustainable solutions.

Luxe Pack is the leading show for creative packaging. Buyers and influencers will hear from McDonough about how Cradle to Cradle thinking can transform packaging for everything we make and use.

Jamie Matusow: Can you please summarize what you will be speaking about at Luxe Pack New York regarding sustainable packaging for the beauty/personal care industry?

William McDonough: I have been working with global manufacturers and retailers to design new packaging concepts and systems because packaging represents a tremendous opportunity for innovation. It is time to reimagine how we package everything—by charting a path to enduring value.

I feel very privileged to be invited to speak at Luxe Pack New York because I have been asked to discuss “sustainable packaging for the beauty care industry.” There exists a tremendous opportunity for leadership both within the packaging and products industries. In the end, of course, it is all one thing and it is currently not at all ‘sustainable,’ as most everyone has come to realize.
Coming at this from the luxury end of the spectrum of packaging is a delightful prospect because packaging for luxury products is meant to be delightful. But it is also meant to convey and connect messages of quality about the contents of the package.

I suggest that we move away from a world of limits, where so often the question being asked is, ‘How much can we get for how little we give?’ As we shift away from limits and that cold question, we can consider the delightful luxury of being able to offer a gift to someone that is beautiful, gracious and true.

And what if not just the contents encircled that hope and love, but the package itself was self-similar? And what if they told a wholly different story, about a world of abundance and generosity, where the question being asked is now, ‘How much can we give for all that we get?’ Our beautiful, true, and graceful offering then communicates things that matter in a world of matter.

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