William McDonough to Join Global Future Council on the Environment for Live Broadcast

On February 28 at 11a ET, William McDonough and Circle of Blue director J. Carl Ganter will debut an interactive broadcast to reimagine how the world can respond more effectively to its water crisis. The event is hosted by the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on the Environment and Natural Resource Security.

From his work globally with product design and influence to his work through his architecture firm William McDonough + Partners, McDonough continues to lead the sustainable design movement–focusing on ways to promote clean water, fresh air, local food, safe materials, fair jobs, and clean energy. His Values to Value approach points the way toward “more good, rather than less bad”–showing how a positive future of continuous improvement is possible now.

Global water crises–from drought in the world’s most productive farmlands to the hundreds of millions of peoples without access to safe drinking water–are among the biggest threats facing the planet over the next decade. We encourage you to bring your voice to Revaluing Water: From Values to Value and participate in this virtual, interactive town hall. Come and share ideas about how our values about water can inform water value. Your input–in special breakout group discussions–will inform this urgent global conversation from the human right to water valuing ecosystems. Your participation will also help set the agenda for Watershed: World Water Day, at the Vatican March 22, 2017.

Register today to reserve your spot.