Park 20|20 Featured as a Business Case for Circular Buildings by World Business Council for Sustainable Development

William McDonough + Partners’ (WM+P) Park 20|20 was chosen as a case study for WBCSD’s publication, The business case for circular buildings: exploring the economic, environmental, and social value. The Cradle to Cradle-inspired development is the first Circular Economy development and provides best practices for other organizations looking to achieve similar goals of sustainability and circularity. 

Through the case study, themes with measurable benefits of the Park 20|20 Master Plan development were identified, including: design and construction cost, asset value, operating costs, workplace productivity and health and risk mitigation. 

Park 20|20, for which construction began in 2010, is a multi-pronged design that fully embraces The Five Goods™. It is designed on reclaimed land and includes renewable energy systems and carbon-reduction measures. The buildings are designed for disassembly, allowing for the ongoing use of building materials, lowered deconstruction and demolition costs, and the opportunity to develop the surrounding area. The buildings also use 30% fewer building materials while utilizing many Cradle to Cradle Certified® products that have been fully assessed for health and safety. Through renewable solar energy, geothermal heating and an on-site wastewater treatment, the buildings are intended to run 53% more efficiently than a conventional code compliant building.

The first building was sold with a 23% return, showing the profitability of this innovative circular building. Overall, there is a focus on employee satisfaction and the consequent higher productivity level. This, together with lower energy costs, is supposed to offset the somewhat higher rental price of €210 per square meter, versus the average of €135 in the area. The building’s quality measures include factors such as carbon dioxide levels, toxicity, sound and light. In one of the buildings, rented by Plantronics, a survey showed that 91% of employees say the design creates an enjoyable work environment and 87% say the office allows them to work productively.

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