William McDonugh: Catalina Island: Something Lived, Something Dreamed: video now online

On February 28, William McDonough spoke at the historic Casino Theatre on Catalina Island. William McDonough + Partners is working with the Catalina Conservancy to bring expertise and Cradle to Cradle thinking to the exciting process of defining the Conservancy’s Strategic Plan for its long-term stewardship of Catalina’s wildlands.

During this process of working with the McDonough team, the Conservancy will be determining how to create and/or enhance through that Plan:
. The health and well being of the Island’s ecosystems
. The scope and depth of the organization’s educational outreach
. A world-class visitor destination for sustainable recreation
. A unified vision for Catalina Island

This talk came at the close of the information gathering phase of this work, and McDonough will be articulating some of the possibilities he sees for an abundant, sustainable future for Conservancy holdings and, potentially, the Island community.