William McDonough + Partners referenced in Proctor & Gamble report

A P&G Sustainability Report includes a mention of the Romania manufacturing facility that William McDonough + Partners worked on:

An excerpt: “Our sustainability efforts extend beyond our products and processes, informing the way we design our facilities. Before building a new site, we combine industry knowledge with a proprietary process that identifies the most meaningful sustainability opportunities. We use the 77-Point Plan, a process developed by our Global Facilities Engineering group in partnership with Arup International and validated by world-renowned architectural firm William McDonough + Partners. The plan rates a facility’s potential impact on several areas, including CO2, energy, waste, water, and environmental quality.

Urlati, Romania: Beauty Care Plant
Before designing the Sustainability plan for this facility, the design team studied wind, solar, and humidity patterns, rainfall and the solar path of the proposed site location. Large windows throughout the building bring in natural light and connect employees with the outdoors. By using high-efficiency glass, the windows also reduce energy use. External sunshades reduce sunshine where and when necessary. The facility is capable of recovering heat created in the manufacturing process, then reusing it to heat the building and water. The roof of its administration building faces due south, maximizing the possible future use of solar panels.”

See the full report here.