William McDonough and Michael Braungart on the factory of the future

Seen and heard in November: An EU meeting on the Factory of the Future.

During this well attended seminar Michael Braungart, cofounder of the Cradle to Cradle principles, introduced the attendees to concrete industrial projects in Europe and made them familiar with all of the C2C aspects this type of industry had to deal with.

William McDonough participated in the event through web conferencing and talked to the audience about the William McDonough + Partners work for the Ford Motor Company and other large organizations.

“It is time for designs that are creative, abundant, prosperous, and intelligent from the start,” McDonough said.

A brief promotional documentary on the Factory of the Future will be made by Rindert de Groot (Empowerplant). This will be available for interested partners by year-end.

See full link here.