UCSF breaks ground on Medical Center at Mission Bay

“We are very proud of the role we had in this project,” says David Johnson, AIA, partner in William McDonough + Partners.

“We were fortunate to join forces with Anshen+Allen, now part of Stantec Architecture, which has tremendous experience with evidence-based design in healthcare. We were honored to bring to that the Cradle to Cradle intelligence that informs our practices and a deep understanding of biophilia.”

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This unique blend of expertise informed the concept of the project including massing, planning, daylight, views, water, and more. We also brought in MBDC to help with materials selections, and together these three firms formed a unique team with matchless experience in hospital design, evidence based design, Cradle to Cradle thinking, design inspired by biophilia, and materials science.

A model of innovative design, the hospital complex incorporates the most advanced approaches to patient comfort, healing and safety.

According to Cindy Lima, Executive Director, Mission Bay Hospitals Project, UCSF Medical Center, “We are working to create one of the greenest, most healthful Medical Centers in the country—the William McDonough + Partners, Anshen+Allen, and MBDC teams helped us imagine and pursue what that actually means because of their deep knowledge and experience.”

The team helped UCSF delve deep into the principles and values of the institution to create meaningful goals for positive outcomes around patient and staff wellness and go beyond UC sustainability goals.

“We benchmarked against several other advanced hospitals that were all using LEED and we found that we were able to go farther,” Johnson said. “It’s the difference between reaching for zero and going for a positive, healthy outcome.” Johnson notes that the expertise of Bill Rostenberg, Tyler Krehlik, Roger Swanson, and others on the Anshen+Allen team were critical. “In particular, their understanding of health care delivery really informed our work as a team. For our part, our founder Bill McDonough has said it well: ‘We have not in the past done health care buildings, but everything we do is about health and wellness.’ ”

Upon completion in 2014, the hospital complex will include a 183-bed children’s hospital with urgent and emergency care, primary care, and specialty outpatient services; a women’s hospital offering cancer care, specialty surgery and a 36-bed birth center; and a 70-bed adult hospital for cancer patients.

The combination of children’s, women’s and cancer services will facilitate continuity of care for patients, with mothers of at-risk infants delivering immediately adjacent to the neonatal intensive care unit, and adult and pediatric oncologists working side-by-side. An on-site helipad will improve access to lifesaving care for critically ill patients.