features the Herman Miller factory/workplace

Years ago, we had the good fortune to work with Herman Miller to design their GreenHouse factory/workplace in Michigan. This was a client with a vision the temerity to take it through implementation. We truly enjoyed this collaboration and are very proud of the results.

We are delighted that Treehugger has seen fit to tell this story again; Lloyd Alter visited the GreenHouse recently and he seems to have liked what he found.

Here’s a quote: “But one really walks away from this building with the impression that going green and doing the right thing isn’t tacked on for public relations or greenwashing, but is built into the system and produces real benefits. That big skylight connects workers with the outside and improves working conditions, but one can also see in this photo how few electric lights are on; they are tied to sensors and turn off when there is enough natural light. They save a fortune on electricity, productivity is higher and absenteeism is lower.”

You can read Lloyd Alter’s full post here.