September 15-17: William McDonough at Resource Recycling Conference

The recycling industry’s most influential leaders, government officials and business executives join together this week for a collaborative opportunity at the 2014 Resource Recycling Conference.  Held in New Orleans, at the Hilton Riverside from September 15-17, the event will hold educational workshops, sessions hosted by industry leaders, and a tradeshow.  The conference will provide attendees with an overview of the current recycling industry, challenges faced, and advisement on how to expand a recycling program.  The full agenda is available online, along with information about conference workshops and pre-conference events.

William McDonough will be speaking at the Driving Innovation on a Large Scale session. In his presentation, Mr. McDonough will discuss the Waste Management McDonough Sustainable Innovation Collaborative. To lower environmental impact, the Collaborative focuses on product and packaging design as well as the effects on the environment and human health. Mr. McDonough began collaborating with Waste Management in 2013. Mr. McDonough emphasizes the big opportunity that lies with logistics. In a interview, Mr. McDonough explains: “We can talk with companies about how they can be designing things that are safer, healthier and more optimal for recycling. But unless we have the systems in place to take advantage of that, it’s not as rich an opportunity as it can be. That’s what’s so elegant about this.”

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