One Firm, Three Studios: We’ve Opened Our EU Doors

We have a new studio in the family. We’ve been working in Europe for years, and have seen opportunities there increase, as enthusiasm for Cradle to Cradle® has grown, especially in the Netherlands. No surprise that our EU home base is now in Amsterdam, in the country where some of our highest ambition Cradle to Cradle work is currently taking place. “We are thrilled to have a Netherlands studio as our European hub,” says Bill McDonough. “This enables us to work even more closely with those who value Cradle to Cradle and are collaborating with us to realize its potential.” We are also happy to note that EPEA, Michael Braungart’s international scientific research and consultancy institute headquartered in Hamburg, will be sharing our studio in Amsterdam, creating a real center for Cradle to Cradle activities in the Netherlands.