New Campus Library Opens in Pasadena

Fuller Theological Seminary has opened the David Allan Hubbard Library (below) on its Pasadena campus. The building, a a collaborative effort between our firm, House & Robertson Architects, and DPR Construction, honors the memory of David Allan Hubbard, theological scholar and past president of Fuller. Hubbard has been described as a man of “unlimited peripheral vision,” a compelling idea woven into the design in several ways, most demonstrably in terms of window placement and sense of transparency that give the building its daylit interior. Kevin Burke, our design partner on the project, notes that the planned Worship Center (left) will create one side of the new “gateway” to the Pasadena campus. “The library and Worship Center are part of a longer overall engagement with Fuller. What began as an initial visioning exercise has evolved into a campus master plan [completed in 2006] and the design of these two gateway facilities. It has been incredibly rewarding to see an institution like Fuller define itself for the next 50 years, and to be a part of that process.” Check out a video from the opening here