NASA Sustainability Base is being considered for White House’s GreenGov award

We at William McDonough + Partners are pleased to offer congratulations to our NASA Ames client: The NASA Sustainability Base, which is nearing completion now, is being considered for the White House GreenGov award and has asked NASA to provide material about the project for inclusion in its Action Success Stories.

As Michelle Moore writes on the White House Council on Environmental Quality blog–

Since President Obama signed Executive Order 13514 and kicked off the GreenGov Challenge, the Federal community has been working to demonstrate what leadership by example means in projects around the country.

From Sandia National Laboratory’s solar powered vehicles to NASA’s Sustainability Base, these GreenGov success stories are showing that focusing on beneficial energy and environmental outcomes leads to good economic results – consistent with estimates that meeting President Obama’s sustainability goals would save taxpayers up to $11 billion in energy costs over the next decade.

It’s no surprise that projects that are focused on reducing energy and water use and eliminating waste would cut costs, too. Leading American companies report similar results, and their best practices – shared at educational events like the GreenGov Symposium – have helped to inspire and inform Federal efforts.

With nearly 500,000 buildings, more than 600,000 vehicles, and $500 billion in annual purchasing power, the Federal Government has a responsibility to operate efficiently and intentionally when it comes to leveraging our market scale to foster a clean energy economy. These initial success stories show how Federal agencies are making good on that promise.

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You can learn more about this at the CEQ blog here.

The Success Stories document is also linked from CEQ’s Federal Sustainability sites, including this one and the GreenGov page here.