More ink for NASA Sustainability Base

Fast Company magazine has published a list of the eight more inspiring green building projects on the horizon and a current Willliam McDonough + Partners project is on the list: NASA Sustainability Base.

Here’s what they write:

“NASA’s Sustainability Base, part of the Ames Research Center in Moffett, Calif., might just be the federal government’s most sustainable building when it is completed this summer. The $20.6 million, steel frame exoskeleton-equipped structure will have intelligent controls that predict and prepare for the next day’s weather (and that can prepare the temperature of a conference room for, say, a meeting scheduled at 10 AM), a 6,000-gallon underground tank that collects rainwater for irrigation, solar panels, a Bloom Box fuel cell device, a geothermal system, and a water purifying system developed for the International Space Station, among other futuristic features. The building is aiming for LEED Platinum status.”