Michael Braungart’s EPEA issues Cradle to Cradle Criteria for the Built Environment

William McDonough + Partners congratulates Michael Braungart, Douglas Mulhall, and EPEA for the publication of their new guide to Cradle to Cradle Criteria for the Built Environment.

The architecture and community design teams at William McDonough + Partners are excited to be able to refer to this valuable document that clearly outlines much of the work we seek to implement in our search for continuous improvement.

We’re delighted that the rest of the professionals in the built environment now have access to Cradle to Cradle insights through these criteria. We hope that it can provide them with a sense of empowerment and much-needed urgency to integrate Cradle to Cradle thinking into all aspects of the built environment, starting today.

See the EPEA news release here.

Copies of the criteria can be ordered here.