MechoSystems unveils the McDonough Iceland Collection at NeoCon 2011

Congratulations to our sister enterprise, MBDC, whose client, MechoSystems, had a busy show at NeoCon this month in Chicago.

Interior Design reports from NeoCon 2011–

“At NeoCon 2011, MechoSystems introduced the design community to a number of new initiatives-including a new name.

The company, founded in 1969, changed its name from MechoShade to MechoSystems to signal a new and heightened focus on its energy-management systems-such as MechoLux, its new lighting-control system. (See

MechoSystems also showcased its new, fully recyclable shadecloth series, the McDonough Iceland Collection, developed as part of an ongoing collaboration with William McDonough, one of the world’s most renowned proponents of sustainable design.

The patterns in the shadecloth series are inspired by McDonough’s own photos, collected during his visits to Iceland, where he holds an annual retreat with leaders from various disciplines to discuss sustainability. The series is a continuation of MechoSystems’ Cradle to Cradle Certified EcoVeil series, launched in 2004.”