Mark Rylander’s UVA class gets a special lesson on light

Mark Rylander, a Director with William McDonough + Partners, also teaches at the University of Virginia School of Architecture, as several of our associates do. (We love getting to know grad students this way, and keeping a foot in the academy is an important element of idea cross-pollination that is important for the field.)

Last week, he brought a guest speaker to his class (and our Charlottesville studio). Here’s an excerpt from a student’s blog about it:

ARCH 8230: Building Synthesis, taught by Professor Mark Rylander, is taken in the final Fall semester of the M. Arch curriculum as part of a series of courses geared towards the technical aspects of architecture such as Structure, HVAC, etc. Today, Victor Olgyay of Rocky Mountain Institute came as a guest lecturer to talk about how to design daylighting in buildings. We learned how to use the “heliodon” as a tool for simulating sun angles of any season, how to read a light meter, as well as functions to adjust the level of intensity of the sun for different seasons of the year for accurate light levels.

Check out the full blog post here.