International Herald Tribune site features Karachi School of Business & Leadership

We are delighted to be working with the dynamic Dean of the Karachi School of Business & Leadership and his team on their new facilities, the first of which are under construction now.

We are delighted to see this interview with Dean Bob Wheeler in the online edition of the International Herald Tribune.

Here’s an excerpt–

The Dean has a grand plan that includes bringing in more international professors to his classrooms. “We will break the term into seven weeks instead of 14 and the faculty members may even team-teach,” he said enthusiastically. His plan? To give the teachers such a good teaching environment and experience that even if they cannot be persuaded to stay, they will recommend the school, and teaching in Pakistan, to others. He had more to add; “CEOs from England, Europe, the US and other countries will talk to our students and we will make sure that the curriculum includes the most advanced developments. Our focus will mainly be on research in business.”

He also wants the students to be taught business ethics as a part of his plan to groom them for responsibility as future leaders. Wheeler believes that with all this in place, attracting the cream of business students from across the country and developing an international reputation is very possible.

You can see the full post here.