FIFPro House set to break ground at Park 20|20

On December 14, the Cradle to Cradle inspired Park 20|20 development in Amsterdam, will celebrate the groundbreaking of the FIFPro House.

As the worldwide representative union for all professional soccer players, FIFPro’s global reach and the cultural diversity of its members have inspired the dynamic design for a new headquarters building located at Park 20|20 in the Netherlands. Shaped by a solar shade canopy, a monumental glass entry volume visually connects and activates interior public spaces on multiple floors while creating direct relationships with exterior gardens and park amenities. Abundant daylight penetrates deep into open, efficient, and flexible floor plates with interiors that showcase the colors and materials of the world. In the garden, a sculptural auditorium anchors outdoor passive recreation and gathering spaces with an LED screen that broadcasts matches from faraway places. Embodying the organization’s mission to promote fair play, equality, and solidarity among its international family of athletes, FIFPro’s new home is a connective instrument of openness, transparency, and responsive design, celebrating and promoting connectivity between global and local communities.

This ground-breaking comes just one month after the opening of B/S/H’s Inspiration House at the same development.

Congratulations to Coert Zachariasse, Delta Development, Park 20|20, and all the forward-thinking companies, such as B/S/H and FIFPro, who are locating at this special development.

We at William McDonough + Partners are honored to be collaborating with all these entities to collectively create a Cradle to Cradle inspired model that we hope will inspire others.