Cradle to Cradle Festival in Berlin celebrating Cradle to Cradle as cultural revolution

Congratulations to EPEA on the Cradle to Cradle Festival in Berlin, celebrating Cradle to Cradle® as a cultural revolution. It started on January 26 and will run through March 16. Under the banner “Blueprint Netherlands,” the Festival will celebrate the success of Cradle to Cradle worldwide and honour the Netherlands as a prime example to learn from.

William McDonough will join Michael Braungart at the Cradle to Cradle Festival in Berlin, a celebration of Cradle to Cradle as a cultural revolution and highlight the application of Cradle to Cradle in the Netherlands. March 9 and 10 are designated as “McDonough Days,” when Bill McDonough will attend the conference. March 9, there will be an evening keynote address by McDonough, and on March 10, there will be a dialogue between McDonough and Braungart, which will be moderated by EPEA’s Anna Griefahn. A special guest participant in the dialogue will be Dr. Coert Zachariasse of Delta Development, which is currently creating a full service development, Park 20|20, in the Netherlands.