Cradle to Cradle at the World Economic Forum in Davos

Co-chairs of the World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders Taskforce posted a Fast Company blog about the group’s event and discussion of Cradle to Cradle and business innovation. Here’s an excerpt:

“From our conversations at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos this year, it’s clear that sustainability has moved right to the heart of business debate. Debates on food, energy, water and of course climate change have dominated. But this is not sustainability of the old corporate social responsibility generation. It is core business, and all about value creation. While there is no doubting the cost and risk drivers, there is a real shift towards growth, innovation and business opportunity.

Against this backdrop, one of our joint duties at Davos has been the pleasure to co-chair the WEF’s Young Global Leaders (YGL) Taskforce reception on Cradle to Cradle and new evolutionary business models, an event which gathered young leaders from across sectors to discuss how new business models based on eliminating the concept of waste, building upon eco-efficiency and adding eco-effectiveness, are beginning to emerge in a range of industries. And it was a lively and vibrant debate to say the least!”

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