Congratulations to Steelcase on 100 years!

William McDonough is honored to be one of 100 people tapped to celebrate the Steelcase anniversary by offering his vision of the future.

Here’s a snippet from the site–

“Welcome, you have just entered a global circus of dreams from people of every age and every continent,
part of the Steelcase 100th anniversary. Glad to make your acquaintance, I’m John Hockenberry an author
and journalist and something of a ringmaster for these proceedings.

Together we are going to gather the dreams of what the next century might look and feel like. From the whimsy of 100 children to the brilliance of 100 great minds from enterprise, these dreams are just the beginning. Let their words, their dreams, be your springboard.”

Check out the Steelcase 100 Dreams / 100 Minds / 100 Years web site here… and the William McDonough video contribution here.