Bill McDonough to speak at Governors’ Global Climate Summit in California

Our founder will be kicking off the “Race to Action” session at Governor Schwarzenegger’s third Governors’ Global Climate Summit, which will be held at UC Davis.

You can see the schedule of events here.

Here’s the approach–

The GGCS 3 promises compelling climate conversations from the top leaders of local, regional, national and international entities, as well as those from academia, business and nonprofit. This summit will continue to broaden our partnerships through an increased understanding of our unique environmental and economic challenges as we continue to grow a clean, green economy. GGCS serves as a forum to learn best practices, share ideas and collaborate on projects to see first-hand how our actions at the subnational level can drive national and international climate negotiations.

And a message from Governor Schwarzenegger–

Welcome to the beautiful state of California and thank you for joining us as we unite together to find productive ways to tackle the effects of climate change on our environment and our economies.

As we await negotiations on an international agreement, we as subnational leaders can and must take action now. We must work to drive green projects that both stimulate our economies and protect and preserve our most precious resources.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has predicted that most of the implementation for climate-related policies will happen at the subnational level and that our role is crucial in moving climate policy forward. We are where the action is at now.

We must continue this approach and work together as we build this emerging green economy so all can benefit from the global green marketplace. Please join us as we chart the course towards a greener global economy through environmental stewardship.