Bill McDonough shares optimism at West Coast Green

Last week, West Coast Green 2010 hosted thousands of people and shared hundreds of stories about green entrepreneurs and sustainable aspirations. Our founder, Bill McDonough, delivered a keynote address on Thursday, September 30, and a few hours later, he followed that with an unprecedented three-hour “deep dive” inspired by Buckminster Fuller, who inspired Bill himself when we was a student at Dartmouth.

Architect Michelle Kaufmann introduced Bill with a warm tale of how she was inspired by Cradle to Cradle, and Bill set off on a journey of storytelling that centered on what he learned from formative moments in his life and career. His focus was optimism and hope, rather than fear, and it was a message that resonated deeply with many.

Here’s a taste of that talk through the lens of California Home & Design reporter Erin Feher, as seen on that magazine’s blog.

Here’s another one from a green home site called re-nest.

Here’s a bit more from and
a second installment from the same blog.