Architect’s Newspaper goes “in detail” on AU School of International Service building

We are excited to announce that Architect’s Newspaper covered the new American University School of International Service project, designed by William McDonough + Partners with Quinn|Evans Architects. We congratulate our amazing client at AU and the leadership of outgoing Dean Lou Goodman and his committed team. The project was formally dedicated in September.

Here’s an excerpt from the new AN piece by Aaron Seward:

“High-performance perimeter glazing was optimized to allow maximum daylight penetration. Exterior shades block high-angle sunlight to mitigate heat loading, and interior light shelves bounce indirect daylight deeper into the offices and classrooms. While the SIS needed privacy for its work, the designers also provided transom windows to keep the light moving into the enclosed corridors.

This daylighting strategy cut down on the need for electrical lighting during the day, but the building goes further than that in its quest for energy sustainability. The team outfitted the roof with a 3,200-square-foot photovoltaic array, as well as a solar hot water system. The HVAC system is similarly designed. During the winter, a solar system preheats fresh air as it is drawn in at the perimeter. The ventilated air winds up eventually in the atrium, where it is exhausted through vents in the skylight.”

Check out the full article here .