ArchDaily covers NASA Sustainability Base

ArchDaily is the latest media outlet to pick up the story about NASA Sustainability Base, which is under construction at Moffett Field, California.

Here’s an excerpt–

“This exemplary energy performance will be achieved through several strategies and technologies, including an extensive geothermal system, high performance lighting, radiant cooling, intelligent building systems and on-site photovoltaic energy generation and active solar systems. (The PV system installation is set to happen in April 2011, and NASA expects the system to be operational by the end of that month. The expected power generated by the rooftop PVs is 122,000 kWh per year.)

It is projected (by the NASA client team) that with the installation of the next generation fuel cell that will eventually use landfill biogas, the building will generate 20% more energy than it will consume on an annual basis.”

You can read the full post here.