3XN Enters Innovative Cooperation with William McDonough + Partners

William McDonough + Partners is delighted to be collaborating with 3XN on bringing Cradle to Cradle design to the Green Solutions House on Bornholm Island, Denmark.

Here’s an excerpt from the Dexigner post about this announcement–

Green Solution House will be an innovative “Demonstratorium” facilitating the development and test of new green technologies on an international scale. At the same time the building will function as a showcase in itself; designed according to the Cradle to Cradle principles, the project is anticipated to integrate the latest knowledge within materials and appropriate technologies.

The project is a key element in Bornholm’s “Bright Green Island” vision, which promotes the island as an excellent sustainable test community due to its size, population and energy supply. Once completed, the Green Solution House will include facilities for conferences, research and exhibitions.

“Our objective is to create an innovative platform for the highest level of sustainable development,” explained Kasper Guldager Jorgensen, Head of 3XN’s Research Department GXN. “The building itself will be an example of continuous improvement and demonstrate new solutions addressing biodiversity, materials, energy, water, and waste. This way the Green Solution House will contribute to knowledge sharing in a local as well as a global perspective.”

“William McDonough + Partners is thrilled to be collaborating on this very ambitious project with 3XN, Esbensen and the other incredible team members in Denmark,” added David M. Johnson, Partner and Managing Director of William McDonough + Partners. “We are inspired by the strong business model that has been envisioned at the Green Solution House and the Bright Green Island initiative on Bornholm Island. This project is determined to create a model for future generations to participate in, be inspired by and to learn from.”