University of California, Davis Eco-Effective Design Strategies Davis, California


The Eco-Effective Design Strategies were developed as the sustainable design component of the Long Range District Plans (LRDP) for University of California-Davis. Constitutionally mandated growth in a community unreceptive to growth provided the impetus for new planning paradigms for the campus neighborhoods needed to accommodate 7,000 additional students, faculty, and staff. William McDonough + Partners developed and organized planning and design strategies in the form of a primer on intelligent and sustaining campus expansion with careful exploration of materials and energy flows at the interface between buildings and their surrounding environment. This work represents an early adaptation of green building strategies – such as optimize energy loads and use renewable energy sources – to the scale of planning to create new patterns of land development. It received an ASLA Honor Award in Planning in 2004.


Residential building strategies


300 acres


Approved by UC Davis Board of Regents


Moore Iacofano Goltsman, Long-Range Development Planners;
Arup, Consulting Engineers


Awards: ASLA Professional Awards (2004)