Office Building of the Future Temperate Climate


In the fall of 2006, Fortune magazine asked William McDonough + Partners to share its vision of a building of the future. Instead of attempting to predict the conditions decades or centuries away, the firm looked at the technologies that exist now but that have not been utilized to their full potential.

The result is a structure that is not just kind to nature; it actually imitates nature by making oxygen, distilling water and producing energy. In effect, a building that is like a tree, standing in a city that is like a forest. From solar panels that produce power to tree-filled terraces that recycle water, the building will work, quite literally, from the inside out. The structure, envelope, and mechanical systems of the building merge into super-thin, smart skins that automatically adjust to the sun and wind like a living, breathing organism. This tower shows the way urban centers can get closer to nature—and in the process keep neighborhoods and cities vibrant and healthy.


High-rise office building


Concept Completed


William McDonough + Partners