North Innisfil Concept Plan North Innisfil, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada


The plan creates a model of sustainable community development at a time when Simcoe County faces great environmental challenges. The plan incorporates the best of emerging urban planning approaches, employing an integrated and systems-based conceptualization process to consider innovative approaches to energy, storm water, waste, and transit from the earliest stages of our work.

Village Centers are surrounded by neighborhood clusters and linked with pedestrian-friendly roads. The open space systems provides public amenity while also providing storm water and waste water treatment. The community is organized to facilitate passive-energy strategies and will utilize renewable energy sources. By preserving the site’s natural features and protecting regional hydrology, the plan respects the intent of current legislation; committing itself to improving the health of surrounding ecosystems through the protection and rehabilitation of water recharge areas, forested and vegetated buffers along fish habitats and wetland corridors. These considerations will serve to improve the health of the watershed ecosystem and provide new opportunities for conservation and recreation. The Plan also contemplates new and effective environmentally conscious methods of wastewater treatment, stormwater management, and energy management.


Conceptual plan for a sustainable village community offering diverse housing types, mixed use village centers, employment and live/work opportunities, retail, community facilities, schools, and quality open spaces.


406 hectares


Conceptual Planning


William McDonough + Partners, Master Planner
Arup, Hydrology Systems and Energy Analysis