Klavertje 4 Cradle to Cradle Framework Province of Limburg, The Netherlands


William McDonough + Partners created a planning structure based on cradle to cradle principles that would inform the master plan for the new Klavertje 4 “Greenport,” site of regional flower auctions and fresh food processing and logistics. The long-term development framework sets a high standard for the next thirty years while still providing optimizations that could be implemented today, using current technologies. In collaboration with WSP Environmental, a “base case” for energy and water use was created and a series of optimizations outlined to improve performance and reduce demand. A project goal was to develop scenarios that would allow Klavertje 4 to rely only on renewable forms on energy, in keeping with the Cradle to Cradle principle of “use current solar income.” The framework provided guidance on how to take advantage of passive strategies (building orientation, daylighting and envelope design), incorporate active strategies (geothermal systems, adiabatic cooling and natural ventilation), and quantified the best renewable strategy to meet the reduced demand. Flows for baseline water use were estimated and then optimized to maximize reuse and minimize reliance on potable water, with the end goal of relying only on water that fell as rainfall on the site. Strategies for cleansing, reusing and infiltrating water were also included as part of the planning framework to ensure the development would support the natural water cycle. The framework then developed program mixtures, spatial ramifications, and optimized construction envelopes that met the cradle to cradle goals and provided models to be expanded upon in the development of the site master plan.


Sustainable design


1,285 acres


Master plan incorporating sustainable design planning framework approved April 2008


William McDonough + Partners, Design Architect
WSP Environmental, Environmental and Energy Consultant