Karachi School for Business & Leadership Karachi, Pakistan


This newly established business school in Pakistan takes ethics as a generating theme for the educational curriculum. Consequently, the building was designed to reinforce the idea of integration between the human and natural environment; embodying concepts of environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Located in an urban setting near other institutions of higher education, the building will be comprised of horse-shoe style lecture theatres to facilitate the case study teaching method. A cafeteria, seminar rooms and faculty offices are arrayed around an open courtyard, encouraging interaction among students and faculty. A library sits within the courtyard, symbolizing the centrality of knowledge as a solitary pursuit. In keeping with the current digital age, the library will be serviced primarily by electronic media. The building will be outfitted with the latest audio-visual technologies to allow real-time distance teaching anywhere in the world, including the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, with which it has a strategic collaboration agreement.

The project will feature locally available materials including a sandstone exterior cladding and ceramic tiles. An indigenous Sindh tile pattern has been abstracted and modified to create a theme for the facades.


Classrooms, meeting rooms, cafeteria, library, auditorium, and underground parking


112,000 square feet


Completed 2013


William McDonough + Partners, Design Architect
AMQ Associates, Architect of Record