IJburg “Sustainability Dashboard” & Principles City of Amsterdam, The Netherlands


The Ijburg Sustainability Dashboard provides communities with a new method of representing sustainable design performance in sustainable planning. Focusing on site systems, the dashboard establishes a planning framework by mapping the environmental achievements of targeted criteria against standards of measure that reflect the community’s values and objectives.

The City of Amsterdam engaged William McDonough + Partners to evaluate the level of sustainable design achieved at IJburg I, the iconic urban community developed on a man-made island east of Amsterdam’s historic center. Goals for the assessment were to identifying both the accomplishments and the areas for improvement and then to develop sustainable design principles for next phase of development of IJburg II. A key aspect of the assignment was to develop mechanisms to communicate the findings internally and to the public in a clear and effective manner.

As project director, WM+P led the inventory and assessment of the sustainable deign strategies implemented during the development of IJburg I, created the dashboard that captures the assessment, and authored the IJburg Sustainable Principles. Levels of environmental performance were assessed by applying today’s standards of sustainability – even though planning began years before sustainable design expectations were well established . These findings were recorded in the dashboard format to highlight both the sustainable design achievements and areas for improvement. Six major categories of sustainable strategies—energy, mobility, water cycle, ecology, solid waste and community—establish the dashboard framework.

During the research effort to understand environmental and social context and to identify the strengths and weakness of IJburg I, “themes” for sustainable development emerged which were developed into principles statement for IJburg II. The principles reflect both community values and the aspirations for higher environmental performance. Finally, an “Opportunities Matrix” that maps the principles with sustainable strategies reveals areas to pursue higher levels of environmental performance and optimization . The Projectbureau IJburg has embraced the Sustainability Dashboard and the Principles and is now utilizing these tools as they prepare plans for the development of IJburg II.


Assessment of sustainability performance through C2C filter


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