Ecourban 22@ Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain


Ecourban is an ambitious mixed-use, urban redevelopment project in Barcelona. The building is at the center of the urban renewal initiative in the Poblenou District—known as 22@, which plays on both its historic “22a” industrial zoning code and its high-tech future.

Every aspect of the project speaks to the need to be sensitive to context and setting—the city, the neighborhood, the public spaces, the mobility/transit patterns, and more. This project combines high design and Cradle to Cradle thinking. It successfully integrates public setting, historic facilities and fabric, and the ecological, economic, and social concerns of this thriving European city and this evolving neighborhood. The building is a beacon to the future of the neighborhood and the city itself, as it strives to tackle the twenty-first century challenges of integrating technological and ecological intelligence to create a healthy urban habitat.


Office, retail and aparthotel


21,500 square meters


Completed 2009


William McDonough + Partners, Design Architect
L35 Arquitectos, Architect of Record
Siteworks, Landscape Architect
Buro Happold